Dr. Brand for better brands

Dr. Brand is Master of Marketing Strategy (2012) and wrote the Book TRUE Brands, branding in a new world (2016) and Het Merk IK - The Brand Called I - (2005) of wich are sold 30.000 copies. He worked for Red Bull (2004-2009) as the Brand and Communications Manager and the Brazilian coconut company Obrigado as the Global Marketing Director (2016-2019) in Brazil, Europe, USA and Canada. Like - as Dr. Brand - for many different brands such as Philips, Deloitte Innovation, Samsung, ING, Hema, O'Neill Europe, Triodos Bank, Red Cross, Awaken Love, Greenpeace, One Planet Crowd, Equal Yoga, Startgreen Capital, Volkshotel, Gyld, Pitstop clean Fuels, Red Bull international and many others. He was one of the founders of 'La Grotte du Yeti' (10 apres-ski café's and a hotel) in the French Alpes.

Leading creative, branding, business and marketingstrategy sessions

?WhatIf! innovation practioner

Being a brand, innovation and brainstorm specialist, Dr. Brand led many workshops in the field of branding and business and marketing strategy, like creative sessions for ideation and new product development for profit and not-for-profit organizations, at home and abroad.