OBRIGADO (international)

European brandpositioning and Global Brand Building 

European brandpositioning based on market research in Sweden, UK and Benelux (project based). Global brand building (branding and marketing strategy) in USA, Canada, Brazil and Europe (UK, Benelux, Germany, France) a.o. global website development, global brandbook, packaging designs, (social) campaigns, marketresearch and leading the international marketing teams in Sao Paulo, Irvine (CA), Toronto and Amsterdam. Responsible for international NPD (New Product Development). 


Branding, marketing(comm), product and business development 

Brand positioning of the new Deloitte Innovation Label and the development of the proposition. Several (international) branding and business development projects within Deloitte, a.o. in Belgium, Dubai, Norway and Netherlands. 


New Product Development - Branding and Marketing 

Different projects, like international product and packaging development, leading creative sessions for business planning for different departments (s&m) and interimmanagement (1,3y). 

Worked at Red Bull (2004-2009) as Brand and Communications Manager for the brands Red Bull, Carpe Diem and Bullit. 

PHILIPS international 

New product development Benelux and Asia

New product development project for the International Audio Visual and Media Business Unit. 

Working in Belgium, Hong Kong and Amsterdam.

GYLD | start-up in hairdresser market 

Branding, business and marketing strategy 

Development of the new business and brandstrategy, like the marketing strategy and communicationplan(ning).


Crowdfunding platform for sustainable innovations

Branding and communication in phase 2.

PITPOINT clean fuels

New Product Development - Branding - Marketing strategy 

Development of the brand(name), brandstrategy and website. 

Yeshe | self-knowledge school 

New Product and Business Development - Branding 

Development businesss and brandconcept and strategy (in Sao Paulo, Brazil) for Brazil (main market), USA and Europe. 


Three hot power yoga studio's in Amsterdam 

Development of the brand(strategy).


Branding - International Communication strategy 

Developing a new label, branding, an international brandbook and the communication(strategy) for South America, USA, India, Europe. 

VOLKSHOTEL | a place for everyone

New Product Development - Branding - Marketing strategy 

(Internal) Branding phase 2. 


Branding - Brand architecture- Marketing strategy 

Working on brand (re)positioning, brand architecture and re-styling brand.

HENNEMAN agency 

Respresenting Benelux actors, directors and writers 

Development corporate presentation. 


Brand activations ideas

Leading several brandstorms to generate brand activation ideas, elaborating several ideas.