"Differentiate or die"

Creative sessions for innovation 

Standing-out, being distinctive and truly relevant. All at the same time. This is a great challenge for all people in business and marketing. Dr. Brand has 25 years of experience with concept development, innovation and brainstorming. As a ?WhatIf! innovation practioner he learned how to lead creative sessions and had the opportunity and privilege to design and lead a great amount of creative sessions for many profit and non-profit brands, big and small, in different countries over the world like Belgium, Austria, U.K., Norway, USA, India, Brazil, Dubai and Hong Kong. Besides creative sessions Dr. Brand gives several workshops. 


1. Startup compass

A two-day session to generate a business model and a roadmap for the first phase of the company. Using Osterwalder’s Business Model Geneneration and the OGSM model. Dr. Brand did session for different Dutch film producers, Deloitte, GYLD and Yeshe (Brazil). 

2. Branding 

The brand identity and strategy needs to be clear, loveable and consistent to build a strong brand. And of course TRUE. Dr. Brand has 25 years of experience in branding. As an consultant on the agency side, as a brandmanager and marketing director on the company side, as an entrepreneur building La Grotte du Yeti and SKONK and as Dr Brand helping dozens of organisations creating and building their brands. This program is tailor made and will go as deep as needed to get the TRUE story up. 

3. Brand engagement

A nice looking brand is great, but the real pillar underneath succes is building strong customer relationships. The brand is just the interface. This workshop makes clear how the brand will play a crucial role in building engagement with customer segments and other important stakeholders resulting in strong relations and therefor better results. 

4. Brand meaning 

Strong brands are meaningful and therefor loved. They have true value for the consumer or for businesses. How to increase the relevance of a brand? This workshop defines how to climb up from a low interest brand to a loved branded following the TRUE brands principles of being TRUE to yourself, and act and communicate Transparant, Responsible, Unique and Empathetic.